The Lucy Tactical Sling



  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Designed and manufactured by United States Army Green Berets and combat veterans .
  • Fits standard M4 carbines, is interchangeable with most weapons without the need for additional sling hardware (email with additional questions)
  • Length: is adjustable to accommodate different sized weapons, with or without body armor.
  • Material: Nylon Seatbelt Weave webbing
    • Non-porous, low stretch, low absorption, maintains condition for years to come
    • Break strength of 3000lbs
  • Total Weight: 2.75 ounces (at factory spec)
  • “Dura-Bungee Connection”: Patent Pending bungee design aids in weapons manipulation as well as movement with weapon slung to your back, tested at over 400/lbs, easy to install, upgrades available for more or less resistance
  • “Smooth Glide Toggle” – Patent pending, quick grab toggle, easily accessible in a custom fit position to give you a slick, catch free positive contact point for quick tightening and/or loosening of your sling.
  • Options/Upgrades:
    • Kevlar 1250 front attach: Using 750 cord adds strength with the option of Kevlar 1250 cord which adds heat resistance (in certain colors only)
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Product Description

After countless deployments and trainings spent wasting time and money on fluff name brands or products that didn’t quite cut it; owner of Odin Defense Academy and Special Forces Green Beret, Matt Vanzandt, set out to custom fit, create and tailor a sling that would excel in efficiency, functionality and comfort yet would still provide minimal bulk without compromising quality.  THE LUCY Tactical Sling was born.  The best sling ever developed and designed through real-life, combat and training experience by United States Army Special Forces Green Berets.  This is THE LAST SLING YOU WILL EVER NEED.

  • FUNCTIONALITY: The all new patent-pending, rear “Dura-Bungee Connection” gives this sling the advantage among the rest, providing ………………….  Paired with our “Smooth Glide Toggle” system, which quickly and seamlessly enables you to maintain a snug and comfortable sling fit with an easy pull on the “Smooth Glide Toggle” while not losing the ability to quickly maneuver and control your weapon.
  • PERFORMANCE:  This 2-point sling was designed with efficiency, functionality, comfort and minimal bulk in mind.  All attachment hardware is included as well!  The Seatbelt Weave Webbing material used for our sling is extremely light weight, rated at over 3000lbs break strength, low stretch, low absorption and non-porous making it optimal for any environment you’ll encounter.
  • COMFORT: The Nylon Seatbelt Weave webbing material used is rated at >3000lbs.  It is strong, yet soft to the touch and pliable on your body; allowing the material to slide freely and quickly around you when it matters most; providing you with easy weapons transition and manipulation or rapid position changes.
  • MINIMALIST: THE LUCY Tactical Sling attaches to most rifles using the supplied 750 cord loop and the “Dura-Bungee Connection”.  THE LUCY can also be attached using any sling loop or Quick-Detach Mount; however, if sleek design and light weight is your preference, we recommend to use the supplied 750 cord and bungee as they allow the sling to be mounted with minimal bulk and no excess weight.  The total (from factory spec weight) is under 3oz!



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