ODIN Defense Academy

About Us

We are a tactical training and marksmanship company based in northern Georgia. Our curriculum is designed for civilian, law enforcement, and private sector groups and individuals. Our experienced instructors served in the US Army special forces and other elite units.  They bring principle-based, real world experience and training for students ranging from beginner to expert. All of our courses are based on proven principles and practices, not YouTube videos, trends, or video games. These courses focus on building the mindset necessary to overcome any deadly and/or non-deadly force encounter. We cover everything from the most basic of firearms handling to advanced concepts as well as tactical and emergency/crisis medicine.  Having the proper mindset is at the core of everything we do.

We tailor our training to our students and pride ourselves on being an academy of knowledge and learning.  Safety is always at the forefront of our training and is bred through confidence and experience instilled in all we do.

Regardless of age, gender or occupation; if you have a desire to improve your knowledge and skill in the use of firearms, then our courses are for you. Once you have the mindset, techniques and skills for how to react to a violent confrontation you not only overcome your assailant, but your fear and panic as well.

The Lucy Sling

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.

Nylon Seatbelt Weave Webbing

– Non-porous, low stretch, low absorption, maintains condition for years to come – Break strength of 3000lbs – Chemical and water resistant

“Dura-Bungee Connection”

Patent Pending bungee design aids in weapons manipulation as well as movement with weapon slung to your back, tested at over 400/lbs, easy to install, upgrades available for more or less resistance

“Smooth Glide Toggle”

Patent pending, quick grab toggle, easily accessible in a custom fit position to give you a slick, catch free positive contact point for quick tightening and/or loosening of your sling.

Weighs only 2.75 ounces!

I recently went through a class that Matt had customized for our church’s security team. In the short time we had together he customized training for our needs. Things like shooting fundamentals, disarming a threat and applying tourniquets. Odin Defense Academy can give you the instruction to build a solid foundation for your defensive needs in this crazy world. Highly recommend.

Mykel Storey

Phenomenal training, I learned alot! No matter your skill/experience level Matt can take you or your team to the next level! No judgement or harsh criticism, just great coaching. Will definitely recommend and use again! Thanks Matt!

Patrick Roberts

Matt and his team are incredibly knowledgeable and excellent teachers! Went to their last course in Helflin and they were able to help me fix my own shooting scars that I developed over the years. Even if you’re a experienced shooter this class is for you! I considered myself one and I still walked away from the class with more knowledge and a better understanding of the foundations of shooting. You can never learn too much and ODIN Defense Academy is in my opinion the best teachers to help you find that out.

Eric Ross

Fantastic course today! I learned SO much from these experts. These guys know what they are doing, know how to teach, and really care about safety. The live fire training was really useful in figuring out what I was doing and how to correct it as well as all the drills they put us through. I will definitely be back for more training.

Casey Ann Zeller