Pistol Refinement

  • Length – 1 Day
  • Type – Hands On Training
  • Prerequisites – None
  • Location – TBD
  • Cost – $225 ($200 early registration)

This class is much more fast-paced than Foundations of Pistol and assumes that all participants are familiar with basic pistol operations.

Building on the Foundations of Carbine course, this class continues the development of the student’s skill. The addition of stress will take the student to the failure point and then help them to work through to success as well as the implementation of real world simulation drills.

Anything built upon a poor foundation will no doubt crumble.  This class will continue to refine the foundations and fundamentals necessary to be an efficient and effective shooter.  This class will continue to instill Odin’s training philosophy and methods.  This philosophy is at the core of everything we do and train about; specifically, the pistol is just a tool, your mind is the weapon.

The speed of the class will depend on the experience level of the participants. As with all our hands-on courses, there won’t be a lot of standing around and listening to someone tell you a history lesson. Our goal is for you to walk away knowing the essential fundamentals of shooting YOUR weapon and to teach you practice drills that you can take with you and continue your progression as a shooter.  Our goal is not a miraculous one day improvement but to lay the foundation necessary to build upon in the future.

We not only teach the what but the why and the how also.

  • Brief review of Foundations of Pistol
  • Detailed draw
  • Tactical magazine reload
  • Single hand with work side and support side
  • Multi targets
  • Intro to barricades
  • Stress
  • Alternate positions
  • Intro to movement and intermediate drills
What to Bring
  • Pistol
  • Approximately 1000 rounds of ammo
  • Weather appropriate clothing,
  • Pants with belt
  • 3 magazines
  • Holster
  • Eye and hearing protection
  • Double pistol mag pouch